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Try “CSS Triangles” or “Meta Tag Generator”

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Peronally, I'm sick of forgetting which meta tag I need to make my site responsive. I also don't feel like typing out all the CSS to detect a high-res display. So I've got stuff like that posted here. Copy. Paste. Done.

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Not only can you easily copy and paste code you find useful, but you'll also find quick tutorials as well as full-on guides to building things. Expect anything from 3 lines of CSS to an entire Ruby on Rails tutorial.

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I'm pretty lazy. What this means for you, is that I build tools to create things I find myself needing time and time again. Generate custom meta tags, make awesome CSS buttons, & more!

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Devkit is brand new

What this means is this site is practically in an alpha stage. I'm adding new snippets, tutorials, tools, resources, and more goodies all the time.

If you've got anything to contribute, please contact me: [email protected]. Chances are it'll get added and I'll credit you with a link to your website or Twitter.

What's to come:

Right now this site is pretty much read-only. In the future, I plan to open it up publicly for users to join and contribute. Follow me on Twitter to stay updated!